What is your game within the game?

“Game within the game” is an expression that comes from sports. Athletes are committed to improving as they play. This is different from practice. This is about choosing to focus on one aspect of their performance as they play their games. You have probably seen the same principle with your kids in soccer. In each [...]

Q&A with Mindy Hall, PhD, author of Leading with Intention

There is much insight to gain from Mindy Hall and her answers below, but perhaps my favorite is her personal motto: “I want it to matter that we met.” It is obvious to see through her work as CEO of Peak Development Consulting and author of Leading with Intention: Every Moment Is a Choice that [...]

Q&A with Chris Taylor of Actionable.co

Chris Taylor spends his days working to change the world of work – one conversation at a time – through his company’s flagship program, Actionable Conversations, as well as the book summaries and thought leader interviews at ActionableBooks.com. Founded by Chris is 2008, Actionable.co started off as a passion project and has since turned into [...]


A group of researchers at Google completed an intensive two-year study of more than 180 teams looking for the key characteristics of their high-performing teams. The New York Times article on the study is worth your time. Two elements stood out: 1. Psychological safety—people felt safe to talk. 2. Broad participation—all team members have equal opportunity [...]

On June 26th, Forgiveness Day, Forgive Yourself

Traditionally, forgiveness is thought of as something you apply to someone else—someone who has wronged you or hurt you in some way. But there is another, very empowering perspective—forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Harvard social psychologist Ellen Langer has done some wonderful research on mindfulness. In one of her writings, she describes regrets [...]

June 29th is National Hug Day – Show Someone You Care

Physical contact is something that makes humans human. Whether it’s a pat on the back, a friendly handshake, or a big hug, this contact has always been a unique way for us to express our emotions and our connection to one another. And science has pointed out there’s a good reason for that—hugs stimulate the [...]

Sharing memories, creating connection

Recently, grandson Reece asked if he could interview Cindy for a school project. He had chosen the subject of travel and began with this question: “Why did you decide to travel the world?” Ten questions later, Reece knew more than anyone else about his grandmother’s passion for seeing different places. A couple of years before, [...]

2016: Think of it as a Fresh Start to Your Relationships

This past December, Professor Robert Waldinger gave a TED Talk that has subsequently become one of the most popular talks in the history of the program. In just over a month, it has garnered more than 2.5 million views. Why has it become so popular, so quickly? I believe it’s because he tries to answer [...]

Q&A with Rachel Macy Stafford – Part II

I’m delighted to return to the conversation with Rachel Macy Stafford, blogger and author of the book Hands Free Mama and the soon-to-be released Hands Free Life. Rachel talked about her first book in last week’s blog post, so now we’ll turn our attention to Hands Free Life, which will be released September 8. Paul: Rachel, tell us what inspired [...]