The resources here include tools and checklists for reminding yourself about the ideas presented throughout the books, for sharpening your awareness of the variables to pay attention to as you work toward meeting mastery, and assessment tools to evaluate where you are now and where you need to get to in your personal and professional development.


Meetings Matter

Personal and Group Development Tools

In addition to the designs, exercises, assessment tools, and checklists in the book, these downloadable resources provide a range of tools to help you put these ideas into practice.


New Edition: Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids

Relationship Assessments and Exercises

When Paul works with organizations and individuals on the value of conversation, he often uses family relationships as an analogy for communicating ideas about the relationships people have at work. These resources turn that analogy around, using lessons learned in teaching adults to communicate effectively at work to show how these ideas help build more meaningful relationships at home.