A terrific book filled with positive and easy to follow tips and ideas for parents. Being a parent is the most important role we have, and this book reminds us that our words do matter.
Elena Epstein, National Parenting Product Awards Director
Paul Axtell has captured the essence of how you can apply these strategies to developing thoughtful, ­confident children. This is a must-read for teachers!
Lori Fanello, Regional Superintendent, Boone/Winnebago Counties, IL
What you will read about in this book are things you can say to your kid today, right this moment. Ten Powerful Things not only creates great relationships with kids, it will create great kids.
Elle Allison, author of What Wise People Do and Renewal Coaching
This book should come with every newborn. The new parents would be grateful—and so would their children.
Donna Hughes, retired nurse, Davenport, IA
This book’s insights come in bite-size nuggets that will stay with readers for far longer than the fleeting time it will take to read, but they contain potent tools for improving relationships with children of every age.
Elizabeth Breau, ForeWord Reviews