If you have the chance to work with Paul, or read one of his books, take to heart what he has to say. Practice what he recommends. It makes a huge difference in how you feel about your work and personal life
Charles Hura, Business Consultant More Praise for Paul
I thank Paul for profoundly changing how I work and treat people at work in order to create powerful project teams and an environment that develops people and gives them the feeling of accomplishment.
Charles Hura, Business Consultant More Praise for Paul
Paul came into our leadership team and taught us how to make a significant return on our business by creating a productive and rewarding environment for our division of 160 employees. Paul’s teaching was, by far, the best educational experience I have had. (And I achieved my undergraduate in engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and my Masters in management at MIT.)
Charles Hura, Business Consultant More Praise for Paul
Paul has such great teaching skills that even after one week of training with him, you still want more. He has a very natural way of explaining the material and leading meetings. After his classes I always think, ‘It is so easy, how did I not see this before?’ Paul is definitely one of the best coaches and teachers we have worked with.
Eliane Medeiros, Head of HR, Gearbulk Maritima Ltda, Brazil More Praise for Paul
I have been following Paul's teaching in organizations for more than a decade now. The essence is: When people matter, things get done, and they get done in amazing ways!
Audie Penn, Master Black Belt, Caterpillar Production Systems Global Deployment, Caterpillar, Inc. More Praise for Paul
If I were running an executive development or MBA program, this would be mandatory reading.
Robert Hughes, Executive Coach More Praise for Meetings Matter