A terrific book filled with positive and easy to follow tips and ideas for parents. Being a parent is the most important role we have, and this book reminds us that our words do matter.
Elena Epstein, National Parenting Product Awards Director More Praise for 10 Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids
Working with Paul has greatly improved the performance of my entire organization.... In today's matrix environments, the ability to have productive and efficient meetings is critical to the success of the business.
Fortune 100 Executive More Praise for Paul
Paul Axtell has captured the essence of how you can apply these strategies to developing thoughtful, ­confident children. This is a must-read for teachers!
Lori Fanello, Regional Superintendent, Boone/Winnebago Counties, IL More Praise for 10 Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids
What you will read about in this book are things you can say to your kid today, right this moment. Ten Powerful Things not only creates great relationships with kids, it will create great kids.
Elle Allison, author of What Wise People Do and Renewal Coaching More Praise for 10 Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids
This book’s insights come in bite-size nuggets that will stay with readers for far longer than the fleeting time it will take to read, but they contain potent tools for improving relationships with children of every age.
Elizabeth Breau, ForeWord Reviews More Praise for 10 Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids
Paul is an amazing and gifted conversationalist. His ability to facilitate group dialogue has led to highly productive work teams. His talent for framing powerful questions over the years has allowed me to form vastly effective relationships in both personal and professional settings. More and more work time is spent in meetings, but Paul's practical advice ensures that the time spent in those meetings is outcomes focused while enhancing the quality of relationships. Through my interactions with Paul, I have become a better person to be with and a better overall leader.
Shari Mickey-Boggs, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Wright State University More Praise for Paul
While I’ve worked with a few clients who possessed natural skills for conducting organized meetings, I’ve yet to meet any clients with formal training in designing meetings for greatest impact and results. Regardless of clients’ skill level, Paul’s ideas around designing, leading, managing, and participating in meetings produce immediate shifts in their abilities to contribute to better meeting outcomes. Paul has a gift for boiling any skill down to the five to seven key ideas that are critical to keep in one’s awareness. He communicates these ideas in a clear, concise fashion, which makes them easy to put to use. I have been waiting impatiently for this book so that all of Paul’s ideas about conducting more effective meetings would be in one place. I am eager to share this valuable resource with my clients.
Lynda Rands, Executive Coach, WorkLife Resources More Praise for Paul
Paul Axtell is an exceptional manager, developer, teacher and coach. He made huge contributions to individuals (including me) and teams when we worked together early in our careers. He later helped our business as a consultant when I was VP Human Resources for Hillenbrand Industries. I regard him as a valued friend and mentor and highly recommend his books, resources and consulting.
Jim Thorne, Vice President, Human Resources (Ret.), Hillenbrand Industries More Praise for Paul
Paul is authentic in his approach, his teachings and the way he lives his life. Everything he teaches he also practices and by doing so he continuously perfects a roadmap for living in conscious awareness. He is a gift to his family, friends and everyone he comes in contact with.
Fariborz Pakseresht, Director, Oregon Department of Human Resources More Praise for Paul