The word coaching is widely used, but it means different things to different people.

  • Coaching is a relationship where thinking can occur that might otherwise be missing. It’s a relationship that enables an exquisite openness to considering options and identifying views. It’s a relationship that eliminates any sense you may have of being alone.
  • Coaching is a conversational process that develops clarity around issues, that reveals options for taking action, and that enables you to relate to circumstances in your life free from risk.
  • Coaching is about knowing where to put one’s focus. That is, it helps you identify critical factors for a problem or issue you have identified.
  • Coaching is about determining where to put your attention and subsequently developing the ability to keep it there.
  • Coaching is about learning from experience utilizing both personal reflection and debriefing with others.

Many people realize that more can be accomplished if they do not work alone on life. They realize it doesn’t diminish who they are in any way to be mentored or coached or contributed to by others.
Consider what coaching can mean—and what it can make possible in your life, professionally or personally.