Q&A with Kim Scott, author of Radical Candor, Part II

Last week, Kim Scott joined us for a Q&A. She’s not only the author of Radical Candor: Be a Kickass Boss without Losing your Humanity, but also co-founder and CEO of Candor, Inc. To read the first part of this interview, click here.  Paul: With more and more employees preferring to get home as quickly as possible, after-hours connecting [...]

Q&A with Kim Scott, author of Radical Candor, Part I

  You would be surprised at how many questions and emails I get each week on the topic of difficult conversations – giving and getting feedback and the general discomfort that goes along with being candid with employees, teams, and family members.  That’s why I am so happy to have Kim Scott here this week [...]

Q&A with Anese Cavanaugh, author of Contagious Culture

As a fantastic follow-up to Mindy Hall’s Q&A early this month, Anese Cavanaugh is here to continue the conversation of living with intention – both in work and life – and even takes it a step further with “how you show up matters.” Anese is the award-winning creator of the IEP Method® (Intentional Energetic Presence®) [...]

Q&A with Mindy Hall, PhD, author of Leading with Intention

There is much insight to gain from Mindy Hall and her answers below, but perhaps my favorite is her personal motto: “I want it to matter that we met.” It is obvious to see through her work as CEO of Peak Development Consulting and author of Leading with Intention: Every Moment Is a Choice that [...]

Q&A with Jeremie Kubicek

Sometime around the end of the 20th century, busyness became not just a way of life, but a badge of honor for most Americans. In fact, the busier you are, the faster you work, the more you can multitask – the better. That is how our society now measures competence and success. If you’re busy, [...]

The Case for Thoughtful Notes in a Digital World

In the top drawer of my desk at home, I have a pile of handwritten notes. There’s one from Thayne, a longtime client. There’s one from Gwil, who has patiently worked with my writing for years. There’s another from a grandchild that reminds me to keep playing games with him. There is one from my [...]

Are You Respectful in Your Interactions?

Kent Nerburn, in Letters to My Son, said that you need two things for a relationship to endure: You need the ability to laugh together. And you need to respect how your partner deals with the rest of the world. I love this because it reminds us to be lighter and more accepting of invitations [...]

Find a New Mindset for Meetings

Some of the most troubling perspectives for meetings are ones we have drifted into over time without thinking about it. If you pay attention, you’ll hear people expressing, almost without realizing it, a series of comments about meetings that create a disempowering perspective overall: “We have too many meetings, and they are booked back-to-back.” “We [...]