Ask Paul: Engagement

Ask Paul: My question is regarding meetings that are for a larger group of people (15-20) and how to maintain engagement. Do you suggest different strategies than when you are working with a smaller group of people? I plan to buy your book, so if there is a particular chapter you’d recommend I review, that [...]

Ask Paul: Do we always need an agenda?

ASK PAUL: One of the consistent complaints in our organization is the lack of an agenda for our meetings. Seems to me like it depends on size of the group and what will be discussed. Would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you, Denise Hi Denise, during a recent training program a gentleman approached me after we [...]

Ask Paul: Alignment

ASK PAUL: Hi, I love the six most common meeting processes that you outline in your book. Could you say some more about the process for gaining alignment? Our group often leaves a meeting and then later second-guesses the decision that was made. – Sasha, Rio de Janeiro Hello Sasha, Rio is one of our favorite [...]

Ask Paul: Confidentiality

ASK PAUL: Hello, I just read your recent post on sharing information. I have two follow-up questions for you. Thanks for taking time to answer. Julie 1) What if there is something I do know but don’t want to share it with employees? 2) What if someone tells me something that I need to share [...]

Ask Paul: What are the keys to meetings?

Q: Hello, I’m getting lots of value out of your book. Next week, I’m meeting with many of the new supervisors in our organization. I’d like to have a couple of slides in my presentation that get them thinking about running better meetings. What do you think is most important? – Ganesh  Thanks for the question, [...]

Ask Paul: What if, it’s not my meeting?

Q: Paul, I’d appreciate your input. I attend several meetings that need to be better – but they are not my meetings. What can I do as a participant to make these meetings more successful? — Sasha Sasha, there are three places to look: 1.     Participate as though the way you participate might make a difference [...]

ASK PAUL: Coping With Conversation Hogs

Q: Thank your for the recent post on listening. What practices do you recommend when you are in a conversation with someone who speaks almost the whole time? — Sasha Sasha, thank you for the question. You are definitely not alone. This is an issue with which many people can relate. Those who tend to [...]

Ask Paul: How do I advance my career? Can your book help? Thanks, Rusty

Love the question, Rusty. Here’s my take: You are either moving forward or you are losing ground. You are either making a positive impression or you are not. Even a neutral impression doesn’t serve you well. Your career is not something to take for granted. I also believe that working hard to be remarkable in [...]

Ask Paul: I cancelled 8 of my last 10 staff meetings because they included only information sharing. Now, my managers say they miss the opportunity to interact with their peers. Thoughts?

Thank you for the question, Wes. First, I give you credit for choosing to respect the time of your managers by being thoughtful about whether or not to meet. Questioning the value of sharing information is also a step in the right direction. Second, the path to making your meetings a competitive advantage is bound [...]