Ask Paul: Engagement

Ask Paul: My question is regarding meetings that are for a larger group of people (15-20) and how to maintain engagement. Do you suggest different strategies than when you are working with a smaller group of people? I plan to buy your book, so if there is a particular chapter you’d recommend I review, that [...]

What mothers really want for Mother’s Day

When I was about 50 years old, I was listening to a radio program, and the person being interviewed said very clearly, “If you like yourself, you should call your mother and let her know that you like how you turned out. She did a good job of raising you.” So, I called Mom and [...]

Ask Paul: Do we always need an agenda?

ASK PAUL: One of the consistent complaints in our organization is the lack of an agenda for our meetings. Seems to me like it depends on size of the group and what will be discussed. Would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you, Denise Hi Denise, during a recent training program a gentleman approached me after we [...]