Ask Paul: Alignment

ASK PAUL: Hi, I love the six most common meeting processes that you outline in your book. Could you say some more about the process for gaining alignment? Our group often leaves a meeting and then later second-guesses the decision that was made. – Sasha, Rio de Janeiro Hello Sasha, Rio is one of our favorite [...]

Conversations and Cooking: Both Benefit from a Recipe

Sometimes, when you’re cooking, you don’t need a recipe. It’s either a simple dish or you’ve made that particular recipe so many times that you can whip it up simply from memory or experience. Then there are other times when you’re working on a new or complex dish. You still have the same skill set [...]

Q&A with Cal Newport

There is more pressure than ever for kids to do well in school – earn perfect grades, attend a top college and head into a lucrative career. It’s a lot for anyone to handle, let alone a child, and many experts are warning that this intense situation can backfire, leading to social, emotional, and physical [...]

Q&A with Cal Newport

Like most people, I’m constantly trying to free myself from distraction and find focus in this world that now constantly buzzes, flashes and rings. That’s why I was so excited to hear that Cal Newport – author of the bestselling So Good They Can’t Ignore You – had tackled the topic in his latest book. [...]