Sharing memories, creating connection

Recently, grandson Reece asked if he could interview Cindy for a school project. He had chosen the subject of travel and began with this question: “Why did you decide to travel the world?” Ten questions later, Reece knew more than anyone else about his grandmother’s passion for seeing different places. A couple of years before, [...]

The Case for Thoughtful Notes in a Digital World

In the top drawer of my desk at home, I have a pile of handwritten notes. There’s one from Thayne, a longtime client. There’s one from Gwil, who has patiently worked with my writing for years. There’s another from a grandchild that reminds me to keep playing games with him. There is one from my [...]

Sharing Information at the Office — Are You Doing It Right?

When it comes to sharing information with colleagues or employees, American psychologist, Carol Gilligan, puts it best: “I’ve found that if I say what I’m really thinking and feeling, people are more likely to say what they really think and feel. The conversation becomes a real conversation.” Truly, these real conversations can only happen in [...]

Ask Paul: What are the keys to meetings?

Q: Hello, I’m getting lots of value out of your book. Next week, I’m meeting with many of the new supervisors in our organization. I’d like to have a couple of slides in my presentation that get them thinking about running better meetings. What do you think is most important? – Ganesh  Thanks for the question, [...]