Interview with Michael Quinn

Michael Quinn, Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, Seattle University Author of Ethics for the Information Age   When the topic of ethics arises, most of us think about the high-profile breakdowns we read about in the news. And we know that isn’t us. Still, being ethical or acting with integrity is important because [...]

ASK PAUL: Is it OK if I don’t speak?

Q: I read with interest your recent guest post on about calling on people as a way to encourage engagement. I am someone who doesn’t usually speak up in meetings. Is it OK if I don’t? —Eleni   The short answer is Yes, Eleni, it’s OK if you don’t speak. Not everyone has to speak [...]

ASK PAUL: Coping With Conversation Hogs

Q: Thank your for the recent post on listening. What practices do you recommend when you are in a conversation with someone who speaks almost the whole time? — Sasha Sasha, thank you for the question. You are definitely not alone. This is an issue with which many people can relate. Those who tend to [...]

Think Before You Speak: Five Questions to Explore

There is profound benefit in becoming more aware of what you say to your kids. Awareness gives you the choice to say something else, and therein lies the power. Awareness creates the opportunity for different conversations—conversations that open the door to more special moments with your children. Calvin: Sometimes when I’m talking, my words can’t [...]