A story about being remarkable

“Nothing is so ordinary as the desire to be extraordinary.” —Al Capp Some people in life are freaky good. There aren’t many, but they are easy to spot in every discipline. For instance, in the world of rodeo, there are both amazing riders and amazing animals. I remember Bushwacker, a Brahma bull that defeated every cowboy [...]

Wait for it… wait for it…

Just being in the same room with your kids is often all you need to get a conversation going. You don’t have to ask questions. You don’t have to make comments. Just being present, maybe doing something that doesn’t require your whole attention, creates space for a conversation to emerge—if you can wait for it. [...]

Ask Paul: How do I advance my career? Can your book help? Thanks, Rusty

Love the question, Rusty. Here’s my take: You are either moving forward or you are losing ground. You are either making a positive impression or you are not. Even a neutral impression doesn’t serve you well. Your career is not something to take for granted. I also believe that working hard to be remarkable in [...]