Whoa, let’s slow down.

If I’m not happy in this time and place, I’m not paying attention. –Jodi Hills, American author Sometimes I get upset about how life is going. It’s as though life should actually be the way I think it should be, and if it isn’t, I am personally offended and resentful. This excerpt from a newsletter/magazine [...]

Ask Paul: I cancelled 8 of my last 10 staff meetings because they included only information sharing. Now, my managers say they miss the opportunity to interact with their peers. Thoughts?

Thank you for the question, Wes. First, I give you credit for choosing to respect the time of your managers by being thoughtful about whether or not to meet. Questioning the value of sharing information is also a step in the right direction. Second, the path to making your meetings a competitive advantage is bound [...]

Nineteen Things I Love About You

It is easy to come up with things we like about our kids. And every once in a while, it’s useful and fun to push the boundaries of our awareness by stretching to come up with more than just a few. I love going for 19 when I think about things for which I might [...]

Making a Difference, One Meeting at a Time

Most of us walk into meetings concerned about one person – ourselves. We’re not usually looking out for other participants or thinking about how to support the person leading the meeting. We sit where we feel most comfortable, and we speak when we feel like it or not at all. This is natural, of course, [...]