Keeping kids connected to college-bound siblings

Dear Paul: My mother has asked me to call my younger sister regularly from college. Emily isn’t very talkative, so I’m wondering if you have any advice about how to make this work. Thanks, Stephan Dear Stephan, It’s wonderful that you are open to this request from your mother. Many older brothers simply forget how [...]

Questions are powerful tools…what’s in your toolbox?

As supervisor and mangers, if you are interested in developing your employees, you may be struggling to shift from a telling or directing mode to a more listening and questioning mode. In addition, you’ve may have had employees come to you with ideas or decisions that you either don’t have time to consider or you [...]

It’s the invitation that matters

There are many reasons why it is useful to invite family, friends, and colleagues to participate with you in life. My favorite reasons begin with two that I express in a negative way for impact (I’ve been told many times to write in a positive way, but I don’t want these points to be missed!) [...]

Ask Paul: What’s the Key to Broadening Participation in Meetings?

When it comes to garnering participation in meetings, there are many pieces to the puzzle, and several different ways to make them fit. Some pieces will work well to get you started, for example: Let participants know that you want their input. Be clear in the introduction for each topic what input you are looking [...]