Are You Respectful in Your Interactions?

Kent Nerburn, in Letters to My Son, said that you need two things for a relationship to endure: You need the ability to laugh together. And you need to respect how your partner deals with the rest of the world. I love this because it reminds us to be lighter and more accepting of invitations [...]

Go Ahead, Make Someone’s Day!

I am always honored when someone stops and takes the time to be interested in what matters to me—my work, my kids, my golf game. These conversations appear as a sharp contrast to other going-through-the-motions types of inquiries that lately seem to be the cultural norm—like asking “How are you doing?” while passing someone in [...]

Words to live by…

I have several phrases, quotes, and words that I try to live by. They remind me of how I want to interact with the world. Here are two of my favorites: There is no place to get to—This is a perspective about waiting in airports or traffic, and it just reminds me to enjoy where [...]

Make Your Meetings Shorter, Here’s How!

Everyone wants fewer meetings, and there’s a tremendous amount of attention right now on how to achieve that. A worthy goal, but a misguided one. Instead of focusing on limiting meetings, we should be trying to spend less time in the meetings that are already on the schedule. My motto: get in, get the work [...]

Closing a Conversation: Are You Doing It Right?

A common complaint among managers is that the conversations they have with employees don’t seem to make a difference: We keep talking about the same issue over and over and nothing seems to happen as a result of these conversations! This is happening because most managers are missing a vital skill when it comes to [...]