Make a difference by just ENJOYING your kids…

  “We have to choose to slow down, to actually see the time and space that we are in…. To truly see people and accept them in their priceless moments.”     —Jodi Hills, artist and writer We were learning machines once—when we were four. Children are amazing when it comes to learning. They will play [...]

Am I in trouble?

We all hate to disappoint or upset people who look up to us—especially our children. The point of this post is to remind us that we can create unwanted reactions in others without realizing it. A colleague varied his normal routine at home recently. Normally Rich devotes the time from when he gets home until [...]

I told you so…just don’t say it.

My perspective on raising kids is based in surrounding them with a set of conversations that enable them to believe in themselves and have a sense of how to be great in the world. Today, let’s highlight one conversation that we just need to hit the delete button on each time we’re tempted to say [...]