How can I get my parents to listen to me?

This a question I encountered on Rachel Macy Stafford’s blog——which I highly recommend. She said it’s a question she gets often from teens. I get a similar question in my training programs after a listening exercise gives people the experience of being listened to in an attentive, patient, devoted way. Participants ask: How can I [...]

Don’t lose your insights!

“Sometimes an insight is worth a life’s experience.” —Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. One of the ways we can change our behavior is to have an insight and then work with that insight until it becomes a habit. Research about the brain has informed my thinking about this: We actually have insights frequently. Our minds are connection [...]

Sunglasses, fitting in, and self-esteem…

Have you noticed how young kids are into sunglasses? It’s no longer just a thing for adults or even teens. Two-year-olds and three-year-olds love sunglasses. It doesn’t matter that they can hardly keep them on their faces or that they are indoors. It’s not about the sun. It’s about wearing sunglasses and acting grown-up, being [...]