A little bit scared and a whole lot proud

Do you ever notice that you are better with people at work than you are with your family? At work we are usually more thoughtful and careful.  At home we just say things without thinking much about how we say them or the impact they might have.  Two things might help: 1. Simply reminding ourselves [...]

How do you get a 14-year-old to talk?

Good question. And a frequent question from parents.  First of all, I’m not sure. Second, I do have some things you might try. Third, never, ever give up trying. This is one place where settling for less than what you want isn’t an attractive option. Here are some things to consider, not in any order [...]

When do kids begin to think of themselves as grown-up?

Recently a young neighborhood girl walked into our yard and announced proudly and loudly, “I’m eight!” It was clear that eight was a significant milestone for her. It reminded me of a young boy in a fast food restaurant. He and his father were in line next to us, and when the father asked if [...]