Questions for grandparents to consider…

There is an old saying: If you want to change your kids, change their playgrounds and their friends. The point is that if you put kids into a different environment, they will be influenced by that new environment. I think this holds true for the conversations in which kids are growing up, and as grandparents, [...]

Influence and choices

This morning I overheard a mother asking her 5- and 6-year-old boys how they would like to handle their 30 minutes of reading. “Would you like to do 30 minutes at one time or 10 minutes at three times?”   So, the decision isn’t just about whether or not they want to read. The decision [...]

We all make mistakes

For a long time I thought I had these flaws—things about myself that weren’t consistent with the person I wanted to be. I would say nasty things to my kids. I would have judgmental thoughts about others. Even worse, I would say them. I’d lie to my boss about having something done. I’d exaggerate my [...]